Brent Bonacorso

About This Project

About This Director

Brent’s work is full of discoveries, building engaging stories that live in wide, fleshed-out worlds that extend beyond the edges of the frame. His films are transportive, bringing the audience along into a new place they’d never considered before, worlds of the magic and surreal. He enjoys working with concepts that resonate, both in the moment and after the ending has rolled.

Whether these ideas are beautiful, absurd, touching, wondrous, fun, thrilling (the best are all at once), a successful film will stay in the mind of the audience for long afterwards, compelling them to watch it again and again, each time teasing out new details and perspectives. Brent’s work is a celebration of psychological connections and metaphors, and of having fun with such heady things… along the way creating spells, mysteries, and unexpected avenues to explore.
Brent has created award-winning campaigns for such brands as Nike, Guinness, Mercedes, Audi, Hyundai, Ford, and Betfair, along with celebrated music videos for the likes of Katy Perry and Elton John.