Daisy Zhou

About This Project

Growing up between different corners of the world, it was important to me to be represented by a group of artists who think globally. My identity as an artist is tied to several places in the world. It’s vital to be part of a company who not only sees and reflects this, but also caters and nurtures my eclectic background.

One of my favorite writers once said “If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must write it.” [Toni Morrison]. As a creator, I try to live by this. As a young, Chinese and American woman, ¬†this sentiment gives me hope that there will be a world where people are able to to finally see me and people like me through the stories I tell and the visuals I create. My goal is to continue creating work that excites and pushes people to rethink or dig deeper in stories I care about. This sentiment by the same writer, “Your life is already artful- waiting, just waiting for you to make it art,” also applies.

Finding my step and voice sometimes mean working in spaces that encourages the untold, unseen, unusual, the unbelievable. Music Videos are that space to me. I am so inspired by how incredibly cinematic it is to simply speak and create meaning with pure visuals and pure sound. As someone who has a background in cinematography, the prospect of music videos lets me fly. As a director, music videos are freedom. Freedom to have fun, freedom to do something new, freedom to push, to excite, to emote, to speak volumes and sink into people’s hearts and psyche.

Director, Music Videos