Meena Ayittey

About This Project

Meena began her career in the film, television and advertising industry, establishing herself as a 3D VFX artist and Motion Graphic Designer. Enjoying stories that take viewers to a different place to consider a different perspective, Meena enjoys exploring the darker side of human nature, giving a voice to those who are often unheard. Her short film ‘Flint’ 2015 and ‘Home’ 2017 won her a combination of  14 awards and has been screened throughout the UK and Europe. During lockdown, Meena released a harrowing new short entitled ‘Mama’ which features a powerful monologue of US State Senator Stephanie Flowers and footage from police brutality across the US. Meena has also recently debuted her trailer for ‘Black Creative: race and the Advertising Industry’ – an upcoming documentary featuring a collective of black voices revealing their experiences of working in a predominately white industry.

Director, Music Videos