Josh Hutcherson

About This Project

In 2017 Josh Hutcherson directed the feature short “Ape”, as part of the Conde Nast The Big Script Competition in partnership with Jon Avnet’s (The Black Swan) company Indigenous Media. “Ape” premiered at the Mammoth Film Festival. In 2018 Josh directed the music video High & Low for DJ duo West Coast Massive. He followed that up with the music video for Foster The People’s song Worst Nites.


Josh is best known for his starring roles in successful films such as The Hunger Games Franchise, The Kids Are All Right, The Disaster Artist, Journey to the Center of the Earth 1 + 2, Bridge to Terabithia and his current Hulu series Future Man, which he is an active producer on.  On sets since he was 9 years old, Josh spent his time mirroring the director, cinematographer and other crew members learning the art of filmmaking. Many actors say they want to be directors. Josh has prepared his whole life for it.

Director, Music Videos